Unsere Bürozeiten

Wir sind zu folgenden Zeiten für Sie erreichbar:


Wenn wir einen Auftrag von Ihnen haben, dann sind unseren Buerozeiten 24/7. Ansonsten erreichen Sie uns immer zwischen 09:00 und 18:00 Uhr!




We are reachable during following times:


If you are our customer already, we are reachable for you on a 24/7 basis, otherwise you can reach us in the office between 09:00 hrs and 18:00 hrs!


You can our headoffice at:

Phn: +49 4161 59 76 230

Mr. Jan Erik Schulte

Mobile: +49152 3374 3738

Mr. Laust Lunding Smith

Mobile: +49 151 5656 7203


Our Chartering- and Agency Branchoffice in Rostock you can reach at:

Phn: +49 381 666 47 180

Mr. Christian Hellmann

Mobile: +49 151 6710 7907


You are welcome to use our contact form as well.


COE Shipping expands

Earlier this year, we've founded the Comany COE 2 SEA GmbH to be our operating arm and we have taken MV Active on Charter and have successfully traded her for the last 11 month now which to be continued until further notice.

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