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COE Shipping has been founded in February 2012 by Mr. Jan Erik Schulte with the aim to assist small Ship Owners. He considers himself to be the ambassador of the Owners. Especially for smaller Ship owners who just own a few ships and can’t afford a full chartering/operations department, COE Shipping is the right choice as a partner.

In January 2013 the legal structure of the company was changed from a small personal company (Einzelunternehmen) called COE Shipping Inhaber Jan Erik Schulte into COE Shipping GmbH & Co. KG. With this change there came a lot of new fields that build the core business of the company now.

As from the 01st of July 2014 COE Shipping GmbH & Co. KG emerged into a new field in the Shipping Industry and registered as Port Agency for all norther german ports. In order to have the most competent expertise in this field, we employed Mr. Christian Hellmann. Additional to the Port Agency Mr. Hellmann is responsible for doing Chartering as well.

As from the 01st of June 2016 COE Shipping GmbH & Co. KG took Mr. Laust Lunding Smith onboard as a new Partner. He is filling the position as Managing Director together with Jan Erik Schulte. Additionally to Freese Shipping, who are supporting us from the beginning with their fleet, we now got the full support of Messrs. BD Shipsnavo GmbH & Co. Reederei KG and the Dopp Family from Haren, Ems. Alltogether we are now taking care of a combined Fleet of those 2 Owners of 16 ships with a focus on the MPP tonnage as well as bulk carriers. 


Mr. Schulte got a lot of experience working for Owners as well as for Time Charterers. Those different working environments were a very good school for him in terms of viewing the shipping business from different angles / perspectives, depending on which hat (Owners hat or Charterers hat) he was wearing at the time. He learned exactly which strings to pull in order to get the most benefit from either side.

Mr. Smith got extensive experience in the MPP market, is a well known person in the market and is specialized on Chartering of both, tonnage and cargo. He has been working in several highly reputable MPP companies on management level. 

Mr. Hellmann is a specialist on the Agency side as well as in Chartering of coasters and / or cargo in and out of the Baltic sea. He got his experience from learning at and working for a very good, traditional eastern german Ship Broker and Port Agent.

Use our expenience, knowledge and our workpower for your own profit. It can only be to your benefit. COE Shipping GmbH & Co. KG can assist you in the day-to-day business, to make the right commercial decisions.


You can our headoffice at:

Phn: +49 4161 59 76 230

Mr. Jan Erik Schulte

Mobile: +49152 3374 3738

Mr. Laust Lunding Smith

Mobile: +49 151 5656 7203


Our Chartering- and Agency Branchoffice in Rostock you can reach at:

Phn: +49 381 666 47 180

Mr. Christian Hellmann

Mobile: +49 151 6710 7907


You are welcome to use our contact form as well.


COE Shipping expands

Earlier this year, we've founded the Comany COE 2 SEA GmbH to be our operating arm and we have taken MV Active on Charter and have successfully traded her for the last 11 month now which to be continued until further notice.

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