Our services: Individual and authentic, fast and efficient!

C.O.E. Shipping offers professional and trustworthy service on the commercial shipping side, that is custommade to your individual requirements. A detailed personal advisory service is considered a matter of course. Trust in our expertise and you will safe and/or earn a lot of money.

What services do we offer?

As a service provider in shipping, we are offering you the full control over every commercial decision. You decide which services should be included in your package. We work as per your instructions. Cost saving is our main aim on the operational side, earning fair and competitive freight's / hire's in accordance with marketlevel on the chartering side. Below you can find a list of possible services that we can offer you as a Ship Owner:

  • Full commercial management
  • Pure Operational Management such as active Operations for your tonnage that is traded on the spot market, or passive Operation and Postfixture for ships under timecharter or under commercial management. 
  • Pure Chartering service
  • Shipbroker service
  • Weather routing service in close cooperation with firstclass meteorological institutes and/or private "weather routing service" providers.
  • Headagency / General Agency services in all Europe
  • Port Agency for all german ports (NEW)
  • Port Agency for South east asia as well as China (NEW)
  • Bunkerpurchasemanagement
  • Supercargo service for general cargo and project-/heavylift cargos in close cooperation with skilled Captains / Master Mariners.

In addition to the above, we also offer our expertise to Shippers and/or Charterers. We can actively safe money there as well. Due to our worldwide contacts to port captains/ supercargos, naval architechs etc. and our network of agents, stevedores and other service providers, we can provide you with lifting plans, full stowageplans for almost every multipurpose ship on the market as well as portcosts, liner costs which give you a better basis for negotiation with the Carriers. Being actively involved in the shipping process of a project, we can improve turn round times in ports, make quick despatch agreements etc. Here below a list of services we can offer to Shippers and/Charterers:

  • Preparation of lifting plans for project-/heavy lift cargo
  • Preparation of stowage plans for full shipments
  • Full shipping documentation
  • Support of our good agency network
  • Portcosts and stevedoring rates from ports all around the world
  • Handling of operational matters for Shippers/Charterers with the Carrier as counterparty


You can our headoffice at:

Phn: +49 4161 59 76 230

Mr. Jan Erik Schulte

Mobile: +49152 3374 3738

Mr. Laust Lunding Smith

Mobile: +49 151 5656 7203


Our Chartering- and Agency Branchoffice in Rostock you can reach at:

Phn: +49 381 666 47 180

Mr. Christian Hellmann

Mobile: +49 151 6710 7907


You are welcome to use our contact form as well.


COE Shipping expands

Earlier this year, we've founded the Comany COE 2 SEA GmbH to be our operating arm and we have taken MV Active on Charter and have successfully traded her for the last 11 month now which to be continued until further notice.

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